Published Poetry The Killer in Me

Published in Frostwriting, Issue 6.

From the Frostwriting Web site: Frostwriting was an initiative of the Creative Writing in English course at Gävle university, Sweden, in 2002; originally meant for participants of that course. The present staff met there, restarted Frostwriting in 2007, and opened Frostwriting’s doors to the whole world, with the idea of encouraging exceptional developing writers, regardless of subject matter or nationality. We do, however, keep a special place in our hearts for cross-cultural experience, meant in the broadest possible sense, especially when such experience somehow involves Sweden.


The Killer in Me

In a cove, in a suddenness
of sea and sand I find myself
on a uncanny journey——on the ocean’s
foam you live——on the waves that do not
come to shore you live——on the waves that crush
and die on reefs you live——each time we leave each
other a small thing dies——a smaller thing
dies too. How many departures do we have——
like the grains of sand on a beach——like that——Why do I
love him whom the world hates so? I
shuffle shells between my fingers——some calcium,
some lead.

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